What are the final stages of neuropathy?

You don't feel any pain, just severe numbness. This is because there are no nerves that can send signals to the brain. During stage two, it is very likely that by treating the underlying condition beyond neuropathy, you will be able to completely cure nerve damage. However, this is often the verge of non-refoulement.

Subsequent stages often lead to permanent nerve damage. When you enter the third stage of peripheral neuropathy, you feel a good amount of pain every day or almost every day. This pain is so great that it is affecting your life in several negative ways. You may have tried several pain relievers, but found that they don't help.

You're also likely to have other symptoms of nerve damage. Because of nerve damage, you may not feel injury to your lower legs and feet. It can also take much longer for cuts and other foot damage to heal, which can lead to weeping wounds. Infection can occur if you are not careful.

In stage three, while some of the damage can be reversed, some of the damage may be permanent if you don't start working right away on the condition that causes neuropathy and work with us to treat nerve damage. In stage four, nerve damage is permanent. It is still possible to see some improvement, but in general, you will have to live with some of this numbness. You should immediately seek treatment for any condition that is causing neuropathy.

If it's diabetes, it's very likely that you're already experiencing other problems, such as vision loss or kidney damage. In the fifth stage, he has lost all sensation in the lower legs and feet. You don't feel any pain because there are no longer nerves capable of sending signals to the brain. It's hard to walk and you feel unstable most of the time.

In reality, you may have to use a wheelchair all the time or all the time. Any small cut in the feet could become infected and lead to amputation. What is peripheral neuropathy? How are peripheral neuropathies classified? What are the symptoms of peripheral nerve damage? What are the causes of peripheral neuropathy? How is peripheral neuropathy diagnosed? What treatments are available? How can I prevent neuropathy? What research is being done? Where can I get more information? The main cause of neuropathy at this stage is excessive consumption of sugar, which is why it is often called diabetic neuropathy. In the late stage of neuropathy, the severity of neuropathy is so high that you may not feel like you have feet at all and your quality of life has been affected for the rest of your life.

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